Tuesday, November 30, 2010

nanoscapes' Announces new Free Shipping policy on Cyber Monday

nanoscapes' contributions to Cyber Monday are a new free shipping policy and a new Gift Certificate offer.

I hope that your holiday weekend was loaded with good food, family and friends, and an appropriate amount of rest and relaxation.

FREE SHIPPING  In the spirit of Cyber Monday, I am announcing a new nanoscape policy -- free shipping for all cards and unframed matted prints.  For the very limited number of framed original nanoscapes, and insurance and shipping charges will be appropriate for the size of the work and at the nanoscapes' cost.

GIFT CERTIFICATES  Giving the gift of a nanoscape is easy: click on the GIFT CERTIFICATE tab and use the always-safe-and-secure PayPal button.  Also included in the gift is an invitation for your recipient to have a nanoscapes Q&A with me.  I will be delighted to talk about the nanoscapes creative process and the inspiration and techniques used to create their cards and paintings.

UPDATE #1  My Facebook Friends have followed the 31 Pumpkins of October and the 30 Leaves of November.  The Pumpkins were created to give me the working parts for entries to 2011 Pumpkin Festival Contests which have deadlines in the spring when I won't want to paint new pumpkins. The Leaves were inspired by my Pass the Baton "Alternative Careers" and "Professionalism Has Attached" travels to 17 law schools in 10 states when I chased fall colors until I caught up to them in Connecticut.

UPDATE #2  I invite you to follow the progress of Rivers #1, the newest nano-in-progress on the nanoscapes blog.

UPDATE #3   Sometime in January, I will hang a nano show at the beautiful library in Woodbury -- the one with the jungle-like atrium.  There is an extraordinary amount of space there and this will be the largest nano show ever.  I am still amazed that this part of my adventure began in 2006, which seems like just a minute ago.  As soon as I arrange the date, I will let you know.

Thank you for your encouragement and support.


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