Monday, November 8, 2010

The 31 Pumpkins of October: 23 to 31

Pumpkin 24
The last of the 2010 Pumpkins...

If you are a Facebook friend, you know that I finished the 31 Pumpkins of October and moved on to the 30 Leaves of November.  Although there are still Farmers Markets going strong, here is the last of my 2010 Pumpkin Harvest.

Pumpkin 23
It was interesting to explore the World of Orange, a color which does not, as a rule, exist in my world. While it appears to be a one-a-day project, on some long days I grew half a dozen. Through the magic of Photoshop, I will be able to use these images to create 2011 Pumpkin Festival Poster Contest entries.  It makes perfect sense, because those contests have entry dates in March and April, and I know that I will have absolutely no interest in painting pumpkins in the spring.

None of you will be surprised to know that there is a bumper crop beyond the 31.  Ten hand-painted post cards are for sale -- first come, first served, with no preview for $6.00 each, including postage.  Checks only. No credit cards or PayPal. Send email to with "Pumpkin Post Cards" in the subject line.

Pumpkin 25

Pumpkin 26

Pumpkin 27

Pumpkin 29

Pumpkin 30

Pumpkin 31

Pumpkin 28

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