Tuesday, November 30, 2010

nanoscapes' Announces new Free Shipping policy on Cyber Monday

nanoscapes' contributions to Cyber Monday are a new free shipping policy and a new Gift Certificate offer.

I hope that your holiday weekend was loaded with good food, family and friends, and an appropriate amount of rest and relaxation.

FREE SHIPPING  In the spirit of Cyber Monday, I am announcing a new nanoscape policy -- free shipping for all cards and unframed matted prints.  For the very limited number of framed original nanoscapes, and insurance and shipping charges will be appropriate for the size of the work and at the nanoscapes' cost.

GIFT CERTIFICATES  Giving the gift of a nanoscape is easy: click on the GIFT CERTIFICATE tab and use the always-safe-and-secure PayPal button.  Also included in the gift is an invitation for your recipient to have a nanoscapes Q&A with me.  I will be delighted to talk about the nanoscapes creative process and the inspiration and techniques used to create their cards and paintings.

UPDATE #1  My Facebook Friends have followed the 31 Pumpkins of October and the 30 Leaves of November.  The Pumpkins were created to give me the working parts for entries to 2011 Pumpkin Festival Contests which have deadlines in the spring when I won't want to paint new pumpkins. The Leaves were inspired by my Pass the Baton "Alternative Careers" and "Professionalism Has Attached" travels to 17 law schools in 10 states when I chased fall colors until I caught up to them in Connecticut.

UPDATE #2  I invite you to follow the progress of Rivers #1, the newest nano-in-progress on the nanoscapes blog.

UPDATE #3   Sometime in January, I will hang a nano show at the beautiful library in Woodbury -- the one with the jungle-like atrium.  There is an extraordinary amount of space there and this will be the largest nano show ever.  I am still amazed that this part of my adventure began in 2006, which seems like just a minute ago.  As soon as I arrange the date, I will let you know.

Thank you for your encouragement and support.


The 30 Leaves of November - the slide show

Leaf #29
Making these leaves was a pure unalloyed pleasure.

All of the leaves were painted onto 140# Daler-Rowney The Langton Not (cold pressed) grain fin paper. It is a rough-textured watercolor paper, the opposite of the hot-pressed smooth papers that I usually use.  You can see the texture of the paper in some of the leaves.

Here is the link to the 30 Leaves of November 2010 slide show.  None of these leaves are for sale.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rivers #1 -

Rivers #1 - November 26
With just a few of the lines painted in with Daniel Smith Imperial Purple, this is beginning to look like the painting that I had in mind when I began.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rivers #1 - ready for the next step

Except for the two white circles, all of the spaces have their colors, making Rivers #1 ready for the next step in the Painstaking Exuberance of a nanoscapes' creation.

Painting all the lines which distinguish one shape and one line from another is the step that brings a nanoscape to life.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rivers #1 - progress in two days

Rivers #1 - 11/21/10 p.m.

When painting these spaces I think of the patience and perfection demonstrated by tile cutters who make pieces for mosaics.

I have written before that Chronological Enrichment has given me the wisdom to abandon any idea of taking up projects requiring safety glasses and safety mits, but there are times when I really would have liked to have played with shaping ceramic and glass bits. However, in addition to the safety impediment, manipulating glass or beads in a home studio requires creating a cat-free zone, which in my case is not a workable concept.

Rivers #1 also reminds me of the magical and beautiful work done by weavers, who take yarns, strings, and threads to make the warp and weft of fabric and then go on to  create two and three dimensional multi-colored works. I am in awe.
Rivers #1 - 11/22/10 p.m.

This  piece is now in an intermediate stage of nanoscape, where the interplay of light and dark in the lines changes the work every day. I know that it will change radically in the next stage of nanoscapes' Painstaking Exuberance, when I paint the lines between each of the individual shapes. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The 30 Leaves of November 2010 - Leaves 1 to 16

Leaves #1 to #16

The first 16 of the 30 Leaves of November are a tiny window into nanoscapes' explorations of small spaces and bright colors.  I have posted these daily to Facebook.

I made this image with Photoshop C4, which is magic.  Not Harry Potter's wand, but magic, nonetheless.

Rivers #1 - imagining the next one

Rivers #1 - 11/21/1

Rivers #1 is 12x16 inches, and I am doing my best to use as many colors as I can, both named colors and colors mixed on the palette.

After painting for seven glorious hours yesterday, I propped it up on an easel against a 22x33 work-in-progress.  I didn't need to close my eyes to begin to see a much, much larger "Rivers."

It will be a while, though. Painstaking Exuberance requires painting in and outlining all of the spaces, and then painting around the whole piece.  Each step is pure pleasure.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rivers #1 - a new nanoscape

Rivers #1 -in progress
Rivers #1 traveled on the last of the 2010 Pass the Baton Alternative Careers trips - 4 days, 4 programs, 4 law schools in Chicagoland (Valparaiso, Loyola, DePaul and John Marshall).  Rivers #1 is painted on a  12x16" Arches 140# hot pressed paper watercolor block, the largest size that a frequent flyer and compulsive artist can carry onto an airplane.

The inspirations for this piece are (1) my need to work with dense colors and intricate patterns and (2)  a brick building in St. Paul with circular-separately-patterned-brick insets. As so often happens, I said "I can do that."

The Rivers patterns reminds me of some very early nanoscapes, made when I was finding my way with tiny paintbrushes on post cards and small irregular cuts of watercolor paper such as Bead Curtain, a 5x8" nano from 2006.

Jason Najarak's Amazing Mural: watch the timelapse video

Fog Swans
Jason Najarak, Founder of the School of Primal Realism, is one of my treasured mentors, and we are all lucky to be able to watch him create a mural for The Guild, Inc., an organization that supports integrated services for the mentally ill.

Fog Swans, at left, is one of my favorites of Jason's paintings. Part of his genius is that he can create magical spaces and magical creatures that appear real.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Still Point Gallery: Selections from 2010 Exhibitions

100 Buttons
With 100 Buttons published in the Still Point Gallery: Selections from 2010 Exhibitions, I am now "pictured" in the dictionary under "grinning from ear to ear." I am eternally grateful to Christine Cote, director, curator and creative genius behind Still Point Gallery.

Unlike many nanoscapes which are part of nano families, 100 Buttons is an orphan.  Its inspiration was a black and white line drawing in an ad for a Manolo Blahnik shoe that was loaded with thread-covered buttons.  My Manolo knowledge was limited to having seen the full run of Sex and the City. I've not worn heels since 1982, when I had a slipped disc.

The ad sat on my work table for a while until I said "I can do that." Using my collection of French and American coins, I traced lots of shapes -- more than 100, as I learned later. Working with nanoscapes' Painstaking Exuberance, I painted over the pencil with Winsor Newton Davy's Gray, painted each shape multiple times until I achieved the right color, painted line-by-line the "threads" that covered each of the buttons, painted around each shape, and finally painted around the whole piece.

Somewhere in the middle of this engrossing activity, I counted the remaining buttons, and learned to my surprise that having finished with 45, that there were a lot more to go. This painting is the purest expression of Painstaking Exuberance: line-by-line, shape-by-shape with lots of pigment and not a lot of water.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The 31 Pumpkins of October: 23 to 31

Pumpkin 24
The last of the 2010 Pumpkins...

If you are a Facebook friend, you know that I finished the 31 Pumpkins of October and moved on to the 30 Leaves of November.  Although there are still Farmers Markets going strong, here is the last of my 2010 Pumpkin Harvest.

Pumpkin 23
It was interesting to explore the World of Orange, a color which does not, as a rule, exist in my world. While it appears to be a one-a-day project, on some long days I grew half a dozen. Through the magic of Photoshop, I will be able to use these images to create 2011 Pumpkin Festival Poster Contest entries.  It makes perfect sense, because those contests have entry dates in March and April, and I know that I will have absolutely no interest in painting pumpkins in the spring.

None of you will be surprised to know that there is a bumper crop beyond the 31.  Ten hand-painted post cards are for sale -- first come, first served, with no preview for $6.00 each, including postage.  Checks only. No credit cards or PayPal. Send email to susangainen@comcast.net with "Pumpkin Post Cards" in the subject line.

Pumpkin 25

Pumpkin 26

Pumpkin 27

Pumpkin 29

Pumpkin 30

Pumpkin 31

Pumpkin 28