Monday, November 22, 2010

Rivers #1 - progress in two days

Rivers #1 - 11/21/10 p.m.

When painting these spaces I think of the patience and perfection demonstrated by tile cutters who make pieces for mosaics.

I have written before that Chronological Enrichment has given me the wisdom to abandon any idea of taking up projects requiring safety glasses and safety mits, but there are times when I really would have liked to have played with shaping ceramic and glass bits. However, in addition to the safety impediment, manipulating glass or beads in a home studio requires creating a cat-free zone, which in my case is not a workable concept.

Rivers #1 also reminds me of the magical and beautiful work done by weavers, who take yarns, strings, and threads to make the warp and weft of fabric and then go on to  create two and three dimensional multi-colored works. I am in awe.
Rivers #1 - 11/22/10 p.m.

This  piece is now in an intermediate stage of nanoscape, where the interplay of light and dark in the lines changes the work every day. I know that it will change radically in the next stage of nanoscapes' Painstaking Exuberance, when I paint the lines between each of the individual shapes. 

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