Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fingerprint dots to tiny triangles: work in progress

Blue Fingerprint Dots

Rotator Cuff Surgery & Painting

I had rotator cuff surgery in November 2013, and it had (and continues to have) a long recovery which included about 10 weeks away from painting with my right hand.

Multi Fingerprint Dots

Must paint. Must paint.

Undeterred, I painted a number of sheets of fingerprint dots with my left hand, knowing that I would cut them into tiny triangles and create paper mosaics. Like most good things, this is taking much longer than I imagined.

The Guillotine Paper Cutter

I didn't consider that The Guillotine Paper Cutter could not be part of early rotator cuff rehab and recovery. (I just started physical therapy "weight training" with a one-pound weight.) The first step in making tiny triangles from sheets of painted Arches Cold Pressed Grain Fin 140# paper requires a sound "thwack" with the paper cutter, and I am just now beginning to use it. More than a few "thwacks" is clearly a wrong thing for my shoulder.

The Tiny Triangles

Facing a growing stack of half-inch strips, I know that making tiny triangles will require scissors, patience, and more recovery.