Monday, May 23, 2011

Rhea Birds One and Two

Celebration Rhea Bird
Greater (American) Rhea Bird
My San Pedro-based California cousin Rhea graciously hosted me before and after my speaking trip at the National Association For Law Placement's 2011 Annual Education Conference in Palm Spring, CA. Was it a burden or a benefit to her role as host, that I had laryngitis, and conserved my  voice the entire time?

Rhea is a great cheerleader for nanoscapes, and I was intrigued when she told me that there was a Rhea Bird. "Really?" I checked my phone and there it was in a wikipedia listing. It is a three-toed flightless bird native to South America whose feathers are widely used for feather dusters. Identified species are the Greater (American) Rhea Bird and the Lesser (Darwin's) Rhea Bird. As yet unrecognized is the Celebration Rhea Bird, a native of New Orleans.

The two Rhea Birds take their places among nanoscapes' Small Friends.