Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have a Halloween Party with Spooky Orange Cat!

Orange Spooky Cat
Ceramic Tile
4.25 inch square
$14.20 each
The Small Friends are getting ready to have a huge Halloween party with invitations, decorations, and other cool stuff from with images of their pal, The Spooky Orange Cat.

Fabrics from Spoonflower

Some particularly ambitious Friends are also working on tablecloths, curtains, and upholstery for the event with Spooky Orange Cat fabrics or Butterfly Wings from my shop. Spoonflower fabric choices are basic combed cotton, Kona© cotton, cotton poplin, cotton voile, cotton silk, linen-cotton canvas, organic cotton knit, organic cotton sateen, heavy cotton twill, and silk crepe de chine. Prices range from $17.50 - $38/yard.

Cool stuff from

These (and other) products are all at my "Halloween Party With Spooky Orange Cat" store. Most have quantity discounts.

Spooky Orange Cat Address Label
$2.90 for a sheet of 30
Spooky Orange Cat
Halloween Party Invitation
$1.70/each; .85 each for 10
Halloween Party Dishcloth

Spooky Orange Cat
Round Pin-Back Button


Spooky Orange Cat
Candy Jar

Spooky Orange Cat
Halloween Party Apron

Spooky Orange Cat
10-inch Ceramic Plate

12 Spooky Orange Cats'
Halloween Card

Cat Necktie


Spooky Orange Cat
Halloween Totebag

Spooky Orange Cat
Halloween Party T-shirt

Spooky Orange Cat
 (and year-round) Pillow

Spooky Orange Cat
Sheet of  20 Stickers
Halloween Party
Spooky Orange Cat
Pet Bowl
Cats can come to the party!

Spooky Orange Cat Poster
$9.35 and up (depending on size and paper)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Stone Paper: Terraskin™

During my last visit to Wet Paint, I bought a new-to-me bright-white paper called Terraskin which is made from 80% calcium carbonate and 20% high density polyethylene (a binding agent.) Neither trees nor water are used to make it. The manufacturer politely warns that it will begin to degrade if exposed to direct sunlight and moisture for six to nine months, but if kept indoors (my plan) it will be fine. It comes in three thicknesses, and I bought the thickest. A 16-point 25x35 sheet was $6.85.

Stone #1
Pencil & Watercolor
5x7"  $20.00

Unlike Yupo, which is also tree-free, but is 100% synthetic, Terraskin  is very smooth and buttery. I have never warmed up to Yupo, and find Terraskin, very soft and friendly to touch and to work with. 

It is very pencil-friendly, and takes watercolor beautifully. After finishing my painting, I hesitated to touch it because the little watercolor puddles looked shiny and wet. Nope.They were dry. 

I am looking forward to drawing and painting on this surface.