Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rivers #1 - a new nanoscape

Rivers #1 -in progress
Rivers #1 traveled on the last of the 2010 Pass the Baton Alternative Careers trips - 4 days, 4 programs, 4 law schools in Chicagoland (Valparaiso, Loyola, DePaul and John Marshall).  Rivers #1 is painted on a  12x16" Arches 140# hot pressed paper watercolor block, the largest size that a frequent flyer and compulsive artist can carry onto an airplane.

The inspirations for this piece are (1) my need to work with dense colors and intricate patterns and (2)  a brick building in St. Paul with circular-separately-patterned-brick insets. As so often happens, I said "I can do that."

The Rivers patterns reminds me of some very early nanoscapes, made when I was finding my way with tiny paintbrushes on post cards and small irregular cuts of watercolor paper such as Bead Curtain, a 5x8" nano from 2006.

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