Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rivers #1 - last day and inspiration

Rivers #1 - December 2, 2010
8:30 a.m.  I have just one more thing to do with this painting -- paint the outside border -- which I will do later today.

After that, I will take it for a professional digital photograph.  My Palm PRE phone's camera has its limitations, and I know them all.

Part of two doors
Painted "tile"
8:40 a.m.  An ah! ha! moment.  This painting has always reminded me of tile work, which I won't consider because it requires safety glasses.  It is, however, closely related to a painting that I made on two 8-foot closet doors ten years ago. After two coats of primer, the first panel took 18 hours (I was on vacation), and the second took about three weeks. I used acrylic paints and a 1/2" nylon brush. Looks like tile to me.

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