Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nameless traveling nano in progress

While I always take pencil, paint, brushes, and paper when I travel, I am not always in the mood to carry a Big Arches Block. A small one -- 7x10" -- is a no-brainer and fits into a pocket of my carry-on bag. The 12x16" block needs either suitcase space or virtually all of my tote bag. As I am just back from presenting Alternative Careers: Getting to There at Chapman Law School in Orange, CA, I am happy to report that the Big Block was a good traveler.

I started with the idea that squares and rectangles could and should be connected, and finished the drawing before leaving Minnesota on Sunday morning.  It took a day to complete the Davy's Gray outlines, and I began to think of calling this "squares and rice grains," "printed circuits" or "paper cut-outs."  By Monday night, with a lot of color, those names had faded away, and this nano has no name. 

(left) Davy's Gray outline almost complete    .... .... .... .... .... ....  (right) first color is always red

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