Sunday, August 29, 2010

Roadtrip Stripes - a new nanoscape

One of the joys of my Pass the Baton life is speaking to law students about "Alternative Careers" and "Professionalism."  In 2010, I have been particularly lucky to have been asked to present in places I'd never been, including Macon (Mercer Law), Greensboro (Wake Forest), and a 5-day-5-city-5-law-school Texas week (Lubbock/Texas Tech, Dallas/SMU, Waco/Baylor, Ft. Worth/Texas Weslayan, and Houston/Thurgood Marshall.)

Artists travel, and all 100+ colors of the nanoscapes' palette fit into a small zipper case, and Arches watercolor blocks are easy to pack.

My "souvenir" of last week's four-day-two-law-school trip to Syracuse and Tulsa -- new cities for me -- is Roadtrip Stripes on 7x10" Arches hot press paper.

Thanks to the wonderful group at Syracuse Law School's Office of Professional and Career Development for asking me to present "Professionalism Has Attached," and to the staff (and terrific volunteers) at the Tulsa Law Professional Development Office who put on an intense "Professionalism Day" for 2Ls and 3Ls, and for inviting me to present "Alternative Careers: Getting to There."

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