Friday, August 20, 2010

Jennifer Merchant: Corian™ Carver. Big Hot Red Corian Bracelet - a new signature piece

There are many competing philosophies of jewelry acquisition, and I have variously subscribed to:
  • More is more, which worked because relatively inexpensive silver has matched my hair for 30 years;
  • Why buy costume jewelry when you can have "real?" -- a tip of the hat to the late and much-missed Lester Tarlow; and,
  • Have a signature piece.
The "Signature Piece" plan has simplified my life: one set of earrings (30 years old), one long string of pearls and fluorite that I knotted on silk (making a pearl knot is my one and only jewelry skill), and one silver ring.

Thanks to Jennifer Merchant, I have a new signature piece. Jen carved this bracelet out of the Corian™ color "Hot" and added black crystals, which require very careful carving out so as to set them perfectly.  In honor of this piece of amazing RED jewelry, I have joined the Red Hat Society.

If you love Bakelite, you will love carved Corian™ -- I promise.

Thank you, Jennifer.

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