Monday, September 13, 2010

Nameless traveling nano: Day 11

One of the pleasures of creating nanoscapes is endless surprise at what the shapes do with (and to) one another. The Wild Triangles of the Fractured Glass Family (FG 1,2,3, & Fractured Glass Bubbles) had boundless energy that became apparent as I added more and more color, and then began outlining each shape.

As the nameless nano's shapes began to cover the paper, first with pencil, then Davy's Gray and finally, with colors, they asked me "What are we? Leaves? Printed Circuits? Paper cutouts? Hawaiian Quilts? Molecules? Cast-off movie tickets?"  No answer yet...

Late yesterday, I began to outline some shapes in the lower left corner,  and started to paint in some of the links. As always, that defining step changed the character and the motion of the piece....

Earlier in the day, when I finished painting all of the shapes, I was very tempted to stop -- or at least to paint the outline for each shape, and then to stop.  Not possible, though, because the Davy's Gray connecting pieces are already painted in.

I am really fond of these shapes, and I see (hear) their potential.  I know that I will revisit them in a much much larger painting.

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