Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Linked Blocks #1 -- an experiened traveling nanoscape

The last Linked Block #1 photo from the Palm Pre....

I painted Linked Blocks #1 in 20 days and 4400 miles as it traveled with me to California and Iowa. 

Experienced painter-travelers know that small dried blobs of watercolors in pallets and small paintbrushes whiz through airport security, and that a cup of water can be found virtually anywhere. I painted on a 12x16" Arches 140# hot press block which tucked into my tote bag with my new traveling Peugeot Pepper Mill.

Because I love colors and connections, I am looking forward to making more paintings in the Linked Blocks family.  The original Linked Block #1 is for sale, and it will be available for $400 at the nanoscapes website on Friday September 24.

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