Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long Rings 2010 - creating inside spaces

OUTSIDE SPACES  I used a ruler and a pencil to draw the Long Rings.  After that, though, the ruler moved on the sidelines.

INSIDE SPACES  The inspiration for the designs inside each ring comes from whim or whimsy, a purposeful attempt to work out a new design, or from a sense that the intricate designs might need to be balanced by a solid ring.

NOT TILE WORK  Some of my small space designs come from a misplaced urge to do intricate tile work.  I have snipped and shaped ceramic tiles and won't do it again because: (a) it requires safety glasses, (b) snipping makes loud noises that can frighten the cats; (c) mistakes can send chips everywhere, and (d) painting tiny shapes is much more fun for me. 

NOT WOODWORKING  I find another set of inspirations in old paintings with intricate frames and catalogs and photographs of decorative molding.  The intricate detail in carved molding can be breathtaking.  The work of a talented woodworker who knows and loves the tools of the trade leave me awestruck.

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