Thursday, June 17, 2010

Long Rings 2010 - Adding color is the heart of Painstaking Exuberance

Adding color is the heart of Painstaking Exuberance.  If you were to watch me paint shape by shape, brushstroke by brushstroke, bit by bit, painting one color next to another, you might "see" the dictionary definition of plodding ("to work laboriously and monotonously") and mumble something under your breath about watching paint dry.

For me, however, it is the polar opposite. I am fully and cheerfully engaged in finding the right place for the paint at the end of my brush. 

Will Daniel Smith Cobalt Blue Violet be comfortable next to Daniel Smith Viridian or would it work better between Schmincke Chromium Lemon Yellow and Holbein Bright Violet?   Sometimes Winsor Newton Opera Rose is right; other times Daniel Smith Opera Pink is better. This is my non-stop conversation -- mostly silent, sometimes out loud, always with a smile.

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