Sunday, March 10, 2013

Taking a Break with Two Palm Trees

As I gear up to start a big painting of an as-yet-unknown subject, and continue to work on the (now) 50 Wild Parrots of Saint Paul Project, I took a break on Saturday to paint two tiny (5x5) palm tree paintings.

Palm Tree One (2013. 5x5 inches. $30)
Up North #3 (2008. Not for sale)
Although they reference some of my earliest nanoscapes' landscapes, I made these to play with granulation to give the sand under the palms some texture with paint, and to practice the traditional wet-in-wet watercolor technique in the leaves and sky.

Wet-in-wet is exactly what it sounds like: wet paint dropped onto wet paper. 

I made controlled puddles, and then dropped in a color or colors that I manipulated ever so slightly. Too much manipulation makes dull, muddled color. 

To purchase either of these paintings, please send direct email to and I will bill you through PayPal.  Thank you.

Palm Tree Two (2013. 5x5 inches. $30)


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