Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stars to Wish On

Little Star
All the Colors and Paths 1

Creative Consistency

When asked whether I planned the color placement in All The Colors and Paths #1, now hanging in Altered Aesthetics "Straight Trippin'" exhibition in Minneapolis, I explained that my choices are completely random. The only rule is that like colors cannot "touch."


From One Little Star

Making the Stars to Wish On images was a similarly random act. I scanned the Little Star and created a template called Nine Stars. Then I made copies, using some of my favorite Photoshop settings (vibrance, hue/saturation, color balance, invert, posterize, and photo filter) without keeping track of anything. If I liked a result, I saved it. I discarded lots of images because they just didn't work. These are my favorites. 

Blue Stars to Wish On
Red Stars to Wish On

Neon Green Stars to Wish On
Bright Yellow Stars to Wish On
Harvest Stars to Wish On
Turquoise Stars to Wish On
Purple Stars to Wish on
Orange Stars to Wish On
Green Stars to Wish On

Some of these designs are available on cool products at zazzle.com

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