Friday, January 20, 2012

Herringbone Geology - a new nano-d

Original Herringbone Watercolor
Herringbone Geology could only have been created with Photoshop®, the new power tool in my lifelong learning toolbox.

Until a few months ago, I had  been using Photoshop® to document and upload art to the nanoscapes and small friends websites, and for entries for exhibitions and contests. I wish I could remember why I decided to fool around with images, but I can't, and I will celebrate the happy accident forever.

Herringbone Geology began as the tiny 5x7-inch original watercolor above. I experimented and created many different colored images, and tried,unsuccessfully to work out patchwork designs that I liked.
Light Purple
Very Red

Patchwork: eh?


Herringbone Geology
BREAKTHROUGH.  I took a single deep purple block, duplicated it, horizontally and vertically flipped it, and created a new single block. Using the language of quilters, I "pieced" some blocks together to create Herringbone Geology.

An 18x 24 inch Herringbone Geology print on fine art paper made with archival ink is available at nanoscapes. Contact  directly for a larger print.

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