Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still Point Gallery selects two nanoscapes & a small friend for new exhibition

Purple Glaze: A triptich
The Still Point Gallery selected two nanoscapes and one small friend for The Abstraction Distraction, an online exhibition that runs from 11/16/2011 to 2/14/2012.
Trilobite Four by Five
Theresa & Tommy Trilobite

Each piece is part of the new digital family of nanoscapes and small friends. Balloon and Purple Glaze are nanoscapes, and Trilobite Four By Five, is the portrait of small friends Theresa and Tommy Trilobite

PHOTOSHOP IS MAGIC  Having found that the magic I see in watercolors can be multiplied when manipulated in Photoshop, I have the privilege of learning something new and surprising everyday. 

  • New vocabulary with new meanings for words that I already know: brightness, contrast, levels, curves, exposures, vibrance, hue, saturation, color balance, posterize, invert, and on and on.
  • The joy of experimentation. What happens if I posterize! and then invert! and then work through the image choices, one after the other? Sometimes the result is beautiful; other times, I am glad to be able to revert to the original.  


  • Trilobite Four By Five: Theresa and Tommy's portrait is available in a signed limited edition of 20. Each 20x17.9 portrait will be printed on archival paper and signed. 
  • Balloon: The Balloon is available in a signed limited edition of 5 (20x20) for $75 and 5 (10x10) for $50. (click on the link and then on "thumbnails)
  • Purple Glaze: A triptych is a part of "The Glazes," a series of geometric abstractions that allows me to celebrate my life-long love of stained glass with paint and paper, thus avoiding the need for safety equipment. Each 20x13 inch print of Purple Glaze is part of a Limited Edition of 50, signed and printed on archival paper with museum matting.  $75 each. (click on the link and then on "thumbnails."  

ENJOY these works and all of the beautiful pieces in The Abstraction Distraction!!

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