Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chain Links: a new nano-D

Chain Link 2011
I have a worktable which has been a bad storage solution for so long that I feared what might turn up after excavation. Recycling an old tv, which took up a third of the tabletop, opened the door for a Domestic Archaeological Expedition.

I found long-forgotten treasures.

Among them was "Chain Link Fence," an original postcard painting from 2006. Cropped, copied, flipped, reversed, and inverted, it is magic for the morning.

It is part of a group of nanoscapes called nano-D, for work created at the intersection of geometric abstract watercolors and the magic of the technology of Photoshop.

Signed Limited Edition of 20. Chain Link 2011: 10w x 7h. Archival matt. $75. 
Available through the nanoscapes website under nano-D in Portfolio.

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