Sunday, February 26, 2012

Image-a-day 2012: daily digital nanoscapes

Now that the distraction-turned-direction has become folded into my image-a-day commitment, I find myself making small watercolors paintings with an eye toward how they might looked multiplied and flipped horizontally and vertically, in addition to what might I might make happen to their colors under the flying finger of Photoshop.

What else? Each of these designs could be cut and painted tiles, quilt tops, or stained glass. Some could be effective needlepoint designs, although the diagonals might be tricky. Not for me, thank you. I have abandoned the idea of glass and tile because of the safety equipment requirement, and I have made just one pieced quilt which left me in awe of every quilt artist on earth. I  painted some nanoscapes-inspired needlepoint canvas which was challenging and not as much fun as I thought it should have been. Thus, I am left to paint, which I do every single day.

What happened to the pinterest posting?  I had been posting daily to pinterest, but when I read this post, I cancelled the account. Having been reassured by two people who are wise in the ways of these things, I requested another pinterest account, and the image-a-day images will go back up as soon as I am re-activated.

When can I buy these images? Watch for an announcement in mid-March.

Images from this week:

Tropical Tile

Blue Dots
Wild tiles

Raleigh Blue 2
Pink Tile

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