Monday, February 28, 2011

The Protractor Project: a new nanoscape

Silos of Iowa in a Row (#2 in progress)
Drawing -- or failing to draw -- the rooftops of the second and third "Silos of Iowa" stopped me in my tracks. For the Blue Silos of Iowa (below), I drew the rooftops by hand, but the next two paintings are far more detailed and will require much more precision.
Blue Silos of Iowa

Looking for a tool to make perfect semi-circles, I hunted down a protractor and a compass, and challenged myself to learn what I had mastered by the time I got to junior high. I am profoundly grateful to  Mrs. Garrett, who taught us Algebra and Geometry at Hyattsville Junior High School, for all of the Pythagorean Theory Problems we had to create and write out by hand and in ink. Whenever I create straight lines and 90 degree angles, I think of her.

Like so many young and old, I couldn't wait to play with my new toys, and The Protractor Project (below) came first.

The Protractor Project

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