Monday, January 3, 2011

Philodendron 3: Two days, 200 square inches

Jan 1
Begin the new year and finish a new painting on the same day = terrific idea. 

Jan 2
I saw the goal line, and didn't make it. I finished all of the leaves on Philodendron 3 on January 1, and then began to outline each leaf, working in the Exuberance part of "Painstaking Exuberance." 

The shadow in the lower third of each painting shows where the shapes are outlined. I hoped to finish in a day and then I did the math. 660 square inches total. First day: 122 inches. Second day: 70 square inches.  This will take a week.

Tools used: For the leaves (Daniel Smith Autograph Series 44-14 Kolinsky Round #3); for the outlines (Daniel Smith Autograph Series 44 Kolinsky 00.)

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