Monday, October 4, 2010

Torn Paper: a new group of nanoscapes

A few weeks ago, I began The Post Card Projects, a return to the small works that were the first nanoscapes. They have gone in two directions: The 31 Pumpkins of October (ongoing) and The Torn Paper Projects.  After the first two Torn Papers (orange at left), I took a detour with the 6" square Red Linked Blocks (right). Torn Papers play up the negative spaces filled by links in Linked Blocks, and I have returned to Torn Paper with a 12x16" new work.  (below, right)

These designs had stirred a memory of Hawaiian applique quilts, and I thought that they were either the source or the inspiration. Having  refreshed my memory of those exquisite works, I admit to completely mis-remembering, and must continue digging in my memory for the  source of these designs.

Check out these beautiful designs by Sharon Balai and you will see how completely unrelated that they are to the Torn Paper designs. 

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