Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Weekend Fractured Glass #3 Marathon Report #5

Huzzah!! All of the triangles have color. Every single one. Some are light; some are dark; but every single triangle in this 22x33-inch painting has color.

Today I will begin the 4th step in the Life of A Nanoscape: painting the outlines for each shape.  Line by line, shape by shape, triangle by triangle. 

The big decision in this step is selecting a color for those lines. In the earliest nanoscapes, I used Rapidograph pens and black India Ink to create the tiniest imaginable lines, but the outline effect was visible within just 10-inches of each painting.  I switched out first to Winsor Newton Sepia and then to Daniel Smith Sepia watercolor for the outlines, and then decided that those gray-ish-brown-ish tones weren't the most helpful for the nano designs.  Not that the sepias deadened the nanos, they just didn't enhance them.

Since then, I have used Daniel Smith's very dark greens, purples and blues.  Decision time today.

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